Drawing Floor Plan in Vaadin!


I need to draw a floor map in vaadin, just like in autocad , in a 2d view.
containing scales and basic objects and shapes (rectangle , etc…)
i there any add-on or tool or open source that i can use to integrate with vaadin.
i have two ideas in my head:
1- openLayer Wrapper add-on , use the vector layer to draw, but it doesn’t do the job.
2- DragDrop add-on but still missing lots of functionality.
Is there any add-on for autocad or visio?

I haven’t heard of one like that. Sorry. I think you are better off searching the GWT ecosystem for something like that, and if you find one then wrap it into a Vaadin component.

I would use
GWT Graphics
as a basis.

Here is an example of its use (see demo and source):