, in this code I want to set the drawer width, when I click the drawer button I don’t want to hide .I want to show my drawer accordion icons.

There is no prop for that, but there is CSS custom property --vaadin-app-layout-drawer-width (you need the latest Hilla version as this is a very new) which you can use in your CSS to set the width.

But sir, don’t want to completely toggle this drawer instead when toggle happense I need to show the drawer with small width which shows only the icon and other time I need to show the drawer with icons and its title.Could you please give me one example?

That is not supported in vaadin-app-layout, the menu button completely hides it and it is difficult to change this behavior

I would just recommend to compose your layout without using vaadin-app-layout, it is rather straightforward to do so.

Ok,Thank you sir👍