Draw Flight Routes (Great Circle Arcs) on Map

Hi, I would like to use the Map component to draw airline flight routes between city pairs.

I am new to the component and would appreciate a short “jump start” where I should begin my journey? Do I need a layer for this? Can I directly interact with the map?

In OpenLayers, I have found a solution, but do not fully understand, if this could be used with the Vaadin Map component.

This one is nice, as it even animates the flight by date - exactly, what I want:


Any ideas how to implement it in Vaadin?

Vaadin Map is currently missing the feature you’d probably want to use for that, see the following tickets:

Thank you! I will keep an eye on the issues.

The Enhanced Map add-on can be used as a general guideline on how to extend the map component in case you would like to add new features. It was made by taking an example from here: OpenLayers Examples

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