DragDropLayouts addon - not able to drag components


I tried to use DragDropLayouts addon in my project . But I am not able to drag the components .
Below is the code snippet

DDAbsoluteLayout layout = new DDAbsoluteLayout();
layout.setWidth( “500px” );
layout.setHeight( “500px” );

// Enable dragging (of all) components
layout.setDropHandler(new DefaultAbsoluteLayoutDropHandler());

// Add some components to layout
layout.addComponent(new Label(
    "DragFilters allow you to control which components are draggable."
        + " All components in this example are in the same layout but only buttons are "
        + "draggable"));
layout.addComponent(new Button("Drag Me!"), "left:50px;top:100px");
layout.addComponent(new Button("Drag Me Too!"), "left:50px;top:150px");
layout.addComponent(new TextField(null, "You cannot drag me!"), "left:50px;top:200px");

And layout is added to the view.

But one thing i noticed in debug mode is tat layout connector is AbsoluteLayoutConnector instead of DDAbsoluteLayoutConnector. Is the problem in here?



I copied your code as-is and it works. Are you sure you have recompiled the widgetset after adding the DDLayouts addon to your application?



Thanks for you reply.
Yes, the issue was with widgetset compilation which i have resolved now.


I’m trying to use this addon but I’m not able to drag components. I already compiled the widgetset but nothing happened. I’m using vaadin 7.4.7 and tried it with the code above. Does anyone use this addon with that vaadin version?

Thanks in advance,