DragAndDropWrapper with VerticalLayout

Dear Vaadin-team and community,

I’ve been trying Vaadin for days and I’ve been pretty satisfied with most of what I’ve seen. I have been using GWT for a year and it taught me, that searching the web can work wonders.

I’ve figured out how to use DragAndDropWrapper - currently I have a VerticalLayout (with image + label) wrapped into a DragAndDropWrapper. I am able to drop it to either DropLocation above the destination panel, below it or over it (I don’t care for horizontal position so far).

What I’d like to be able to do, however, is not only add the resulting component at the beginning or end of the VerticalLayout (or onto it), but also between the components. I figured it looks a bit like the behavior I’ve seen on Tree-components, yet it’s still a bit different.

Now: what I probably could do is ensure separate drop targets on all the components already present in the VerticalLayout. But imo that’s a bit cumbersome. Is it possible to have the DropHandler recognize separate slots and offering to put the component there instead of just top, middle, bottom?

Short: I’ve got a VerticalLayout, which a DragAndDropWrapper is dropped on. I’d wish I could allow it to drop (and highlight) between already existing elements, basically re-ordering the components.

I am using Vaadin 7, Eclipse Luna and Java 8. I will try to wrap individual components already in the list, but I think I won’t be successful as the actual target is the big list the components are appended to.

Thank you in advance!

Here’s a screenshot showing my problem:

I’d like to be able to drop the wrapper inbetween items - not just at the beginning, end or over them.