Drag drop from different source / destination.t

hi, anyone can help?

i have a palette with different items,
some items has to drop in a layout and some other in another layout that is contained into the previews layout.

i have implemented a drag drop from the palette to the main layout, now that I want to drop an item into the layout that is contained inside the previews, I have a problem because when I drag the item over the second layout, the main layout is selected as drop destination.

my question is: is it possible to tell a drop handler to ignore some kind of items?

thanks a lo


I fixed the problem on identify the target by using something like this:

public AcceptCriterion getAcceptCriterion() {

    SourceIs si = new SourceIs((Component[]) structurePaletteItem.toArray(new Component[structurePaletteItem.size()]
    return si;


Now my problem is to start dragging a component that is contained into a draggable component.
When i click on my component and drag it, the intire container is dragged.

Is it possible to focus on the iinternal component i want to drag ?