Drag and Drop Overriding other click behaviour

I have a Custom Component that consist of a native select (that represent actions) and an argument field (AbstractField). These components have been added to “SortableLayout” (i.e. drag and drop as per the code in the sampler (
Drag Components
), and works fine.

However I am unable to interact with the native select in the component, since I think the drag and drop wrapper is intercepting the click. When a user wants to choose another action from the native select nothing happens(i.e. the selection options do not drop down and display).

Is there a way to override this so that I am still able to interact with the native select and still have the drag and drop functionality? Is there a way to make the unused portion of the

I attempted to use the DragStartMode.NONE to attempt to resolve this. The user would toggle the ability to rearrange manually then use the drag and drop. Unfortunately setting this DragStartMode simply prevents the drop from having an effect and the user is still unable to interact with the native select.

Do I have to use a add-on like dragdroplayouts?


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Ok so after looking at Drag and Drop Layouts I doesn’t actually do anything to fix this.

How did you fix the issue? If you didn’t, does anyone else have a solution for this? I have drop down menus (NativeSelect) over a dragable layout but the click event seems not to be passed to the nativeselect menu.

What version are you using? I just did a quick test in Vaadin 7.1.2 by simply putting a nativeselct inside a DragandDropWrapper and it seems to work totally fine for me: NativeSelect select = new NativeSelect("tesst"); DragAndDropWrapper wrapper = new DragAndDropWrapper(select); layout.addComponent(wrapper);

Is this issue resolved?
I have a horizontal layout which is wrapped inside a DragAndDropWrapper. The layout contains labels which are again wrapped inside DragAndDropWrappers. Now I want to add a click event on the wrapper of individual labels and show a contextmenu (vaadin add-on) when a right-click is done which is specific to that label. But click does not seem to be happening at all.
Can somebody help?