Drag and drop hover labels seeming description

I have labels in my component, while drag and drop the labels description seeming when i hover the label but i don’t want it while drag and drop. How can i disable in drag and drop start and enable drag and drop end

I’m not quite following your question. What is it that you want to disable?

You could add a dragStartListener and remove the description there, and readd it in a dragEndListener Drag and Drop | Advanced Topics | Framework | Vaadin 8 Docs

        dragSource.addDragStartListener(e -> {
        dragSource.addDragEndListener(e -> {

The description still appears while dragging, and it stops being displayed when the drag is finished.

If you add a breakpoint, is that called when you expect it?

yep it seems it executes the set description method

Yes, but is it executed when the drag starts, or after the drop?

Might also be that the server round trip is too slow to update the description before the mouse moves to the position

drag starts

Thanks I’ll take the time to see