Download Standalone Visual Designer / Editor for NetBeans 7.3.1

I have installed the Vaadin plugin for NetBeans 7.3.1. When I was going through your wiki page on Vaadin Visual Editor 0.8 (, it says that “The Visual Designer is a Vaadin application” and “The same editor can be integrated into Eclipse/NetBeans and any other IDE or used stand-alone in a Vaadin application”.

Is there a download that I can use with NetBeans? For some reason I couldn’t find it anywhere on your website. The only downloads I could find were plugins for Eclipse.


Visual designer is not available as a part of NB plugin.
This is standalone Vaadin application but it seems currently it is a part of Eclipse plugin only.
It seems there is no way to get it in as ready to use application in binaries.
It’s sources are available here
So theroretically there should be a way to built it and use as standalone Vaadin application.

Visual Designer has been designed so that the code parsing/generation is separate from the visual designer itself. Thus, it is theoretically possible to integrate it to various IDEs and other systems. The two major parts of integrating it to any system are to write the editor integration (running an embedded browser and server, …) and code parsing/generation integration.

However, at this moment there are no plans for us to do so for NetBeans.

Ok, thanks!