Doubt with layout

Imagine that I have an object with 3 levels, an order has a list of products and each product has a list of parts.

I wanna to create one component(some textfields and selects) for each class
so I has OrderComponent, ProductComponent and PartsComponent.

And I have one view that I will mount for each order, so in my OrderView will be something like this:

  • button(to save)
  • one OrderComponent
    • List of ProductComponent
      -List of PartsComponent

How can I bind all te components to one bind in my OrderView (There I have one button to save the order, but when I click in button I wanna to validate the order)

I need to pass the binder to every component? or have another way?


I don’t think this makes sense. Because you probably want to create the order first and the add products. And parts to the products

So you have separate binders. And the final validation will happen in the service before save

And How can I get all binds?? I need to make a loop for every product and for every product make a loop for every item to catch all binder? \

Sounds reasonable. Just iterate over all binders

How would your UI look like? Will you have a row with input fields for both ToMany relationships? It depends on how the user should enter the data