double property binding

I’m interested in solution for binding more than one field to one data source property.
In our application we have form with tabs in which we logically divided fields(properties) and we need to show several properties (like ‘note’) on every tab.

So, our solution is on first tab bind field to ‘note’ property and on every other tab just insert field which is set to setEnabled(false) and on ‘note’ property data change refresh data in other fields on every tab…

Our custumer is not satisfied with that solution because every time when they need to add some note or comment into ‘note’ field they need to go on first tab.

Same problem is in vaadin 7 with Fieldgroup, on void function bind…
//public void bind(Field<?> field,
// java.lang.Object propertyId)
// throws FieldGroup.BindException
// FieldGroup.BindException - If the property id is //already bound to another field by this field binder

Is there any solution to the above problem and how to implement the functionality to insert on form more than one field for the same data source property.

We appreciate any suggestion or help!

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I don’t understand the problem. A property can be bound to multiple fields. Could you just use different instance of FieldGroup to bind it instead of the same one?

Thanks for help, that could be solution for projects in future when we move on vaadin 7, we are now still on vaadin 6…
Is there any solution for that on vaadin 6?

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I’m sorry, I don’t have a Vaadin 6 project open here right now. But can’t you bind a property to multiple fields anyway in Vaadin 6. How are you doing the binding?

I use eclipse link…
My solution for data binding several field on one data property is create temporal property in data class.
//property need to bind in two tabs
private String note;
//second transient property
private transient String copy_note;

public String getCopy_note() {
return getNote();

public void setCopy_note(String copy_note) {

When note datachange event is occured copyNoteField is requestRepainted, and on copy_note datachange event noteField is requestRepainted
I use than only on note and email fields, because that is not good programming practice and that occurs mess in code.
Is than good way or is there something better?

Thanks again,
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