Double-click on Tree in Vaadin 8


It seems that a double-click event is not propagated to listener when a click is made over the item’s text. But if we click over the item’s blank space we receive double click event.

addItemClickListener(event -> { if (event.getMouseEventDetails().isDoubleClick()) { ... } }); What is the correct way to handle double-click events in Tree component?


Probably related to:
Please upvote that ticket :wink:

I have nearly the same problem.
My column in the TreeGrid is editable and with an double-click the editor component appears and everything is fine.
But the addItemClickListener is also called twice with event.getMouseEventDetails().isDoubleClick() == false.
And then i have an editor component and a double call of addItemClickListener and this confuses my application a little bit.