Dontpush Ozonelayer - Embedded inside a <div>


I am trying to embed a Vaadin application which uses the Dontpush Ozonelayer addon into a

. Bascially, I am combining
Jquery_Integrated application
( and
Dontpush Ozonelayer Demo
( to be embedded in a
(using the instructions from the Book of Vaadin).

I am getting some strange results.
If i
go to my web address e.g.[b]
[/b] then I get the ‘Oops’ error screen.
But if I
go to the wedaddress e.g.[b]
[/b] then my Vaadin app runs correctly.
And if I
then go
to the first web address I tried e.g.[b]
[/b] then my Vaadin app runs correctly.

I believe there might be a problem where Dontpush Ozonelayer is looking for the websocket ‘/UDL’ relative to the webaddress. So, if the Vaadin app is embedded in a webcontext (webpage) not the context where the Dontpush servlet is mapped to then it gets problems. I could be wrong. Or it could be something about the caching of the Dontpush widgetset.

Maybe there are people out there that already got it to work as an embedded application on a html page.
Any help will be appreciated,