dontpush ozonelayer demo link

Hello! I’d like to check out the dontpush ozonelayer demo as a maven project in Eclipse, can anyone please post a link? The only download I found is a zip file of the add-on itself. Thanks!





or the sources for the project?

Thanks! I must be blind, the demo link was right there at the add-on page, the source link is very helpful too.

BTW, is it true this doesn’t work with Vaadin 7? Anyone has tried?

ICEPush seems to be the only push add-on ported for Vaadin 7, and I’m not sure if it works yet with the latest beta (which should finally have a stable API) or the previous one.

As the internal communication mechanisms have changed a lot and push mechanisms depend on the internals, older push add-ons will definitely not work out of the box, and might need major changes.

Integrated push support for Vaadin is planned for Vaadin 7.1.

I created a patch for ICEPush to beta3 (I think it was). I guess porting from beta3 to beta11 would require very little effort. However, I have no time to do this at the moment.