Dont under stand why \frontend-es6\styles is empty in production mode

Hi every one.

I have standart folder structure for css and images files like this:


But when i run run app in production mode.

Images work fine, but css not working.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://localhost:8080/odin/frontend-es6/styles/BaseDialogWindow.css">

<img src="frontend/src/icons/avatars/helloween8.png">

If add the css files manually to the TomCat folder /frontend-es6/styles,
everything starts to work.

In project import css like this:

public class BaseDialogWindow extends BaseWindow {

please help

I am seeing similar behavior. Some of my style sheet URLs have “frontend-es6” (which doesn’t exist and results in 404 error) and some URLs have “frontend” and work just fine.

I am using the latest (14.1.3) version.

My production mode profile uses:


What causes a page to sometimes use “-es6” in the URL and sometimes not use it? Why don’t I have the frontend-es6 directory in my war?


I have the same problem.

Same here!

I think this is a bug that we don’t have ES6 by default. When I’m building for production, I see ES5 files, but not ES6.

I have posted my maven logs in this thread: