Don`t see requests to any websites from my Vaadin app in Chrome Dev Tools (

I love Vaadin, but recently Ive found out that I cannot see any requests to websites (like using Google API and so on) in Chrome DevTools. Im making an app that sends sms messasges through sms gateway of my mobile operator and when I turn on Chrome Dev Tools (F12) I see only requests to I even tried to make a request to Google, I got an answer in console, but I still cannot see any requests and responses in Chrome DevTools. It look like all communications with servers go through Vaadin servers and I cannot use such a great tool like Chrome DevTool.
You can see in the attachment a screenshot from my app when I get a request and an a response from but still cant see anything meaningful in ChromeDevTools Network tab, like I havent sent anything.
I hope I`m mistaken.
Thanks guys.


From the screenshot it seems that the UIDL requests are done to your server (so it’s not a request to page, it’s a request communicating with the com.vaadin.widgetset hosted on your server). The screenshot shows an a link - I believe it should show in the browser only when you click the link?

If you are making requests in your Java code, then it is your server who is performing the requests, not the browser

Exactly!! I finally got it. I cannot see communications btw my server and another on in DevTools. It`s only btw my browser and my server!!
Thank you very much for your kind explanation!!

I understand that there are a lot of requests fo com.vaadin.widgetset. But at the same time I suppose that I could see my requests to other servers. On the screenshot Ive attached below you see no request but to com.vaadin.widgetset. But when I pick a date from the calendar on the left I communicate only with com.vaadin.widgetset, thats right. But when I click the button below the calendar I send a request to other server, get an XML response, parse it and populate the grid on the page. But I still dont see any requests to any servers but vaadin. Thans why Ive asked here. On the screenshot you see the moment when Ive already picked up the date, have clicked the button, have sent the request, have gotten the XML-response, and finally have parsed it and populated the grid. But DevTools shows nothing. Why?