Hello everybody!

I want to use Vaadin in a new project. The Problem is, that the leading framework we should use is DOJO. Now, I want to compare both frameworks.

if I understood correctly, DOJO is just a standalone JavaScript library and not a complete Framework to build Web-Applications such as Vaadin. So I would need - let me say JSF - to get a Application running.

Some of the key challenges for the application are (and what I already successfully tested in Vaadin):

  • table with sorting and filtering on columns/entrys
  • changing “views” of table by selecting/deselecting columns
  • highlighting single cells to inform users if something is wrong
  • Session handling with authentification

Is there anybody who already has experience wiith DOJO?

Appreciate any comments. Thanks!

We don’t have much experience with Dojo, and that is at least 1.5 years old now when we made the decision to go with Vaadin. Dojo is fine if you don’t mind doing JavaScript programming and dealing with the communications between client and server.

We went with Vaadin not because Dojo (or GWT, SmartGWT, ExtJS/Sencha) is bad, but because Vaadin fit our Java, server-centric, skills. Since it’s built on GWT, you get the benefit of writing client side code in Java, which is then compiled to JavaScript customized to deal with the variety of browsers out there. And the rest of the code remains in Java on the server side, where security is more easily controlled.

A key consideration for us was the client-server communications, and we found the headaches of JS libraries, JSON marshaling and unmarshaling, etc was not worth any benefit.

Thanks for your answer. I will let you know when the final decision has been made.

Edit: Vaadin is the winner :slight_smile: