does vaadin 8.5.2 works with springboot2?

Does Vaadin 8.5.2 works with springboot 2 ?
If yes, where can a search for the diferences?

Yes it does. We have full reference application made with Spring Boot 2, it is found here:

thanks for your answer, i will check it out

well the project realy works and i updated to the last version of springboot but in my project i do not use the root as default, i have a propertie that uses /app.
Every think seems to works fine, atmosphere starts but the project always redirects do localhost:8881/login and not to my default that should be localhost:8881/app/#!customview.
Does any one now what changed from springboot 1.5 to 2.0 in the redirect?

Problem fixed, with springboot 2 you need to define your owne WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter if none is used, it is mandatory.
Thanks for the Help.