Does someone know how can I disable few checkboxes when using Vaadin Grid with MULTI selection mode.

I tried to look in the SelectionModel and Vaadin documentation but didn’t find anything. Also, tried to google but didn’t find anything related to it.

I don’t want to go with the solution where i am manually creating the header checkbox and individual checkboxes in each row. it doesn’t look great :smile:

If there is already a solution available in latest Vaadin versions or some neat hack, i would really appreciate it.

There is no official solution. First things that comes to mind would be some css hacking based on the part name generator + double checking the selected items on the server and ignore not-allowed items

There’s a feature ticket on GitHub somewhere

Here: [grid] Dynamically set selectability per row · Issue #1947 · vaadin/web-components · GitHub

Adding a thumbs up reaction on the issue helps with priorization

thanks @vital-koala , also is there a way to add a tool-tip for the disabled checkboxes/rows as to tell the users why they are not ablet to select this particular row.

You can use tooltips on the row through the normal api

i am not able to do it, can you please point me in the right direction?

@excellent-frog is this SO question yours Disable few checkboxes based on a condition in Vaadin Grid Multi selection - Stack Overflow It is a good SO conduct to answer your question yourself if you get answer to the same question in other forum so that question is not left open in SO.

i am not able to do it, can you please point me in the right direction?