Does openlayers 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT version require vaadin latest version?

I am using vaadin 6.5.7 with gwt 2.1.1 version in my project. When i updated openlayers version from 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT-r51 to 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT version, then it didnt work for me.
I also compiled the widgetset for 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT version and used the same in my liferay server. I replaced the latest set of js and html files for widgetset under ROOT/html/VAADIN/widgetsets folder. Still it didnt work for me. Should i update my vaadin and gwt versions also?

Hi latest openlayers add-on (vopenlayers) uses Vaadin 6.7.3 (
see here
) and Vaadin 6.7.3 uses GWT 2.3.0 (
see here
). Therefore it looks like you should update.