Does it make sense to have Vaadin UI without Vaadin server


I am planning to create a vaadin application deployed on OSGi. The main module will have the the web.xml and the other modules that appearr/disappear in the main module will just be having a Vaadin UI. So, no WEB-INF/web.xml for them. Does it make any sense. If yes then where would be the best place to put vaadin related libraries. For my main module I have it something like


Haven’t used OSGi, but I’ve used a similar a approach with a multi modular maven project, maybe that is of some help for you. My main project had the Vaadin dependencies. Other modules only contained code for specific application modules (x number of views), no UI class and no configuration (such as web.xml). These submodules did have a dependency to Vaadin jar files, because otherwise they wouldn’t compile, but the dependecy were scoped as “provided”, meaning, the module depended on Vaadin, but the final build didn’t include Vaadin libraries.