Documentation for TextChangeEvent.getText() versus AbstractField.getValue()

I’ve just started to learn a bit about Vaadin and my primary learning has been through the Book of Vaadin (version 7) and the JavaDoc.

I spent lots of time trying to figure out why getValue() inside my TextChangeEventListener was not giving me the text contained inside the TextField. After much pulling of hair, I figured out that instead of getValue() on the Field one should call getText() on the TextChangeEvent.

It is true that the example in the book of Vaadin for the TextChangeEvent stuff uses getText() but I really think the book should point out the difference between getValue() and getText() and how they relate. This would likely prevent others new to the framework from being as confused as I was. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a note about this in the JavaDoc either.

I REALLY appreciate the effort spent on documentation. It’s a MAJOR reason why I’m learning and testing this framework!

I created
ticket #10601
about documenting this better. While the javadoc of TextChangeEvent talks about related issues, it does not mention that the value of the field has not been set (and might not be set in the future) when a TextChangeEvent is being handled, and event.getText() should be used instead.