Discussions in Spanish

Hi I would like to know when you’re opening a part of the forum to the Hispanic community as well as contribute to the discussions in Russian and was opened by
PD:Translation should apologize to google translator

Adding a Russian discussion group was an experiment to see if it would be beneficial for the community to provide non-english discussion channels. In the end the amount of discussion on that channel has been fairly small, but definitely not zero. I have had hard time for forming an opinion whether we should add non-english discussion channels.

If we are adding non-english channels, then we should probably add:

  • Spanish
  • Portugese
  • Chinese
  • French

It would be great to hear arguments agains and for these channels.

Hi Joonas,

I think that it could be very interesting the existance of the Spanish channel.

The spanish and latin community is increasing little by little, and I’m sure that they will apreciate the effort of the new channel creation for Spanish language, and the google translator could rest for a while, also. :grin:

If you don’t mind, and you and your team see this possibility reliable, I offer myself to moderate the new channel.



While important for the development of the forum and Vaadin community in general, this discussion does not really belong to the “News & Announcements” category. Moved it to Using the Forums (Miscelllaneous Discussion would also be an option).