Disappearing table header caption

Hi, and thanks for a wonderful framework!

I’m having a peculiar problem, best described with a couple of images.

Here is the relevant part of my application, which is rather simple and straight forward (as in, no code/css acrobatics, just plain vanilla Vaadin using the default theme):

Now, when a customer, using IE 8.0.6001, refreshes the data, all the column headers seem to disappear (apparently this behavior is not consistent, as it does not happen every time):

Now, I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem myself, neither in IE or Firefox, so I had the customer do some more investigating.

He copied the table data plus the headers and pasted the result into Excel, and noticed that the column headers occupied more than a single row, which means the caption doesn’t disappear, but is simply shifted below the header (as is hinted at in the image above, third column in the lower table).

Updating Vaadin from version 6.5.4 to 6.6.0 did not fix the problem.

I’m afraid I don’t have much more information to provide, but I hope this will ring a bell for someone.


I’ve seen this problem and it was a caching problem in the browser in conjuction with a change of vaadin version from myside.
Therefore make sure that everything is ok with the new version especially if you have custom widget and then clear the history of the browser completely.

Thanks christos, but clearing the browser cache did not resolve the problem.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Just wild guesses, but could this be related to 1) a widgetset that was not correctly recompiled, 2) IE8 compatibility mode flag or setting on that browser or 3) zoom in the browser?

wow I was trying to remember my case and to be honest it was exactly that :stuck_out_tongue: the client had zoomed out the browser (firefox) one step, it took a while to figure out…
and yes i did the steps i mentioned above first but then we noticed that it was the zoom out lol


Zooming in was the problem, thanks a lot Henri.

We are also facing similar issue. Is there any fix to make it showing properly even when use does zoom in browser? My customer wants it to be showing properly even during zoom is 75% 50%


Please test this with the latest 6.7 version - I believe this should be fixed by now (
issue #6870