disabling the DEBUG MODE

Hi Everyone,
I downloaded a simple spring boot project with vaadin from the vaadin starter and When i start my application is always get started in the debug-mode as following

Vaadin is running in DEBUG MODE.
Add productionMode=true to web.xml to disable debug features.

I have also tried by providing the


in application.properties file


after that i get the following error in the console

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to find the bundle manifest file 'frontend://vaadin-flow-bundle-manifest.json' in the servlet context for 'ES6' browsers. If you are running a dev-mode servlet container in maven e.g. `jetty:run` change it to `jetty:run-exploded`. If you are not compiling frontend resources, include the 'vaadin-maven-plugin' in your build script. Otherwise, you can skip this error either by disabling production mode, or by setting the servlet parameter 'original.frontend.resources=true'.
	at com.vaadin.flow.server.startup.BundleFilterInitializer.readBundleManifest(BundleFilterInitializer.java:77) ~[flow-server-1.2.2.jar:1.2.2]

	at com.vaadin.flow.server.startup.BundleFilterInitializer.addBundleFilterForBrowser(BundleFilterInitializer.java:68) ~[flow-server-1.2.2.jar:1.2.2]


I have tried my best to find  out on google and also tried almost all possible solutions but with no sucess.

Can please some one helps me how can i run the application without enabling the debug bode.

Please Note: I also have to production profile in pom.xml file

Thank you
Best Regards

Hello Amit Solanki,

it is necessary to active the maven profile, in addition to the activation the vaadin property.

So, there are 2 steps to active the production mode:

1.Adding vaadin.productionMode=true in the application.properties, if Spring is used in the application.

2.Execute the production mvn profile mvn spring-boot:run -Pproduction-mode.

I hope that you could solve your problem.

Hi Diego
Thank you for reaching me out.
Yes I tried the solution proposed by you. in following i am sharing the snapshots of my configurations

In attachment I am sending you my project configuration, after that i gets the error (image3) when i reload my page.
In attachment you can also find the project

Thank you
17434306.zip (11.6 KB)