Disable Visual Editor in Eclipse


I am new Vaadin. Thanks for all the effort to have created a great framework!

I have installed Vaadin plugins for Eclipse. it comes with a Visual Editor. Is there a way I can disable it? I am having issues with Xulrunner, and it is complaining every time I created a composite. I would rather just not using it at all.

XULrunner doesnt work with 64 bit windows because mozilla provides no working 64bit version. Afaik you cant disable vaadin editor,
but after creating the composite with the class wizard and closing the editor just rightclick
on “open with” and choose java editor. From then on it will open without design tab and no error message.

tracks implementing a “do not show this again” option.

OK, thanks. I know I can do that, but the error message was just a little annoying.