Disable some rows in grid - vaadin 24

Hi all,
there is way to disable some rows in a grid, vaadin 24 ?
I am using inline grid and i want to disable entire the row including inline components.

this seems only allow to disable selection but cannot disable inline components of the row.


You can disable inline components when you create them.

grid.addComponentColumn( item -> {
  TextField textField = new TextField();
  if (item.isDisabled()) {
  return textField;

@quick-witted-echidna FYI

Thanks! But I want disable or enable one row not each component. I solved it this way. Do you have any suggestions?


Well, I also hope there is click event for check box when grid’ selection mode is Grid.SelectionMode.MULTI

@vital-koala do we have similar event for Grid.SelectionMode.MULTI ?. So when user clicks on any selectBox (either select or unselect) it will trigger an event

Of course the default selection change listener is called

Yes, the selection event is fired whenever the selection changes