Disable grid sorting

I’m looking for a method to disable grid sorting for all columns. Looks there is a way when you add the columns manually and set the column sortable as false. But in my case, I’m not adding the columns manually and using lazy loading. Still I see columns as sortable.

I got all columns and manually set them as false like this columnList.forEach(customerEntityColumn -> customerEntityColumn.setSortable(false));

Looks adding the columns manually one after another is the way to get most of the stuffs you’re looking for. Otherwise, you need to do lot of reverse engineering

Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t grid column sorting off by default? Maybe by including false in the Grid constructor is the way?

Grid<Venue> grid = new Grid<>(Venue.class, false);

All the columns in this grid were off until I specifically activated them when defining my column headers:

private void configureGrid() {

I think your way of columnList.forEach might just be the only way, if you want to use the autoCreateColumn feature.