Disable grid reload when returning to the page using lazy loading

Hello! The annotation @UIScope and @SpringComponent are on the page class. I use lazy loading from a backend for a grid:

DataProvider<Request, HashMap<String, Object>> dataGridProviderInner = new CallbackDataProvider<>(
                q -> requestService.fetchRequest(q.getOffset(), q.getLimit(), q.getFilter().orElse(null)).stream(),
                q -> requestService.getRequestCount(q.getFilter().orElse(null)),
dataGridProvider = dataGridProviderInner.withConfigurableFilter();

refreshButton.addClickListener(e -> {

I read the data in the grid, go to another page. After I return to the page with the grid and expect the data in the grid to remain the same, but the grid is completely reloaded and positioning on the line disappears. Is it possible to somehow turn off the reloading of lines in the grid when returning to the page? When using the setItems method, no reloaded occurs.

I have the same issue as Dmitry. We are using the grid on tabs (Vaadin tabs) presenters that are UIScope Spring components (which should indicate that the presenter lives with the given UI instance). Whenever user leaves the tab (switch to another one) and goes back to it the data in the grid are reloaded. Is it possible to prevent this behavior? The application seems to be “slow” as it loads the data whenever the user switches the tab.

Thank you