disable comboBox doesn't work

Hi all! :slight_smile:
Can someone explain me why this ComboBox (vaadin 7) continue to be enabled?
I wrote this code:

final BeanItemContainer<Comune> beanItemContainerComuniRes = new BeanItemContainer<Comune>(Comune.class); beanItemContainerComuniRes.addAll(comuni); this.comune.setContainerDataSource(beanItemContainerComuniRes); this.comune.setItemCaptionPropertyId("descrizione"); this.comune.setItemCaptionMode(ItemCaptionMode.PROPERTY); // this.comune.setTextInputAllowed(true); // this.comune.setFilteringMode(FilteringMode.CONTAINS); this.comune.setTextInputAllowed(false); this.comune.setEnabled(false); this.comune.setReadOnly(true); i used: setReadOnly, setEnabled etc but the combo continues to be clickable…(what i would see is the “do not stop” symbol)
thank’s :slight_smile:

I don’t see any big errors here. Try to investigate how you attach this component to UI and container, and check if you performs other changes somewhere.

the only changes i perform in the rest of code is a valueChangeListener on the comboBox…
maybe this cause the automatic enable of the combo?
or maybe a combo whit a containerDataSource can’t be disabled?

Is there any data binding (FieldGroup) that can affect readability?

effectivley there’s a fieldGRoup that i use for binding the combobox with the property of a bean class…
can this influence the enable of the combo?

May be. The binding has its own setting for readonly. Check API for binding.
In Vaadin8 there is no more possibility to set readonly on widget but only on binding.

thank’s for your help ^^