Disable "Browser not Supported" Side to test with industrial Browser

we would like to Test a industrial Browser from Zebra. The Browser should handel HTML-5. But we get the Browser is not supported Page. To disable these Behavior I followed the Steps [Forum-Thread]
(https://vaadin.com/forum/thread/2322263/2322743). But the VaadinSession - Object in sessionInit of VaadinServlet has no Handlers registerd [getRequestHandlers().size()]
returns 0. The Answer in the Forum is about 6 Years old ;-). How does this work with Vaadin 10.x or newer?

Regards Dirk

Something like this:

  • Override VaadinService.createRequestHandlers()
  • call super and store the result in a variable
  • create a new result list
  • put every handler from the super list that is not instanceof UnsupportedBrowserHandler into the result list

I am struggling with the same problem, would you please share some working example on same ?

Hi Nandan,

make an own VaadinServletService - Instance and overwrite Method “createRequestHandlers()” with this Code:

List <RequestHandler> lvHandlerList = super.createRequestHandlers();
ArrayList <RequestHandler> lvReturnList  = new ArrayList <RequestHandler>();
for(RequestHandler hdl : lvHandlerList)
		if(!(hdl instanceof UnsupportedBrowserHandler))

return (lvReturnList);

Next make a own Servlet extending VaadinServlet and overwrite createServletService(DeploymentConfiguration deploymentConfiguration)
in there make a Instance of your VaadinServletService, call init() on it and return it.

That’s it, working with Vaddin 13, not testet on Vaadin 14!

Thanks Dirk for the reply, although I already implemented the same logic. However, Vaadin framework should give this functionality to remove any pre-defined handler. We can add handlers, but we don’t have any mechanism to remove any.