Different behavior between IntelliJ and Netbeans


I encountered a weird behavior and wanted to know if this is an known issue.

I have a project that I build once with IntelliJ and once with Netbeans (maven install). After the build process is finished I start the application after each other. The project works fine in Netbeans (all GUI is shown correctly).

If I start the project in IntelliJ no GUI is shown for me. Only a white page. This happens for all URLs (declared with @Route). I am even able to debug the code and I see that the components are created correctly but only a white page is shown.

I tried it with Firefox and Chrome - both had the same behavior. Netbeans worked. IntelliJ didn’t work.

Does anyone know what the cause of this problem could be?

there should be a reason why the page is blank.
Do you see any exception in the console of Java application ?
Also please check the source /console of your web application in the browser.
Is there any errors ?
How the content differs from the case when you run it using NetBeans ?