Difference between JPAContainer and SQLContainer

I didn’t understand the differenze between JPAContainer and SQLContainer, someone could explain me please ??:slight_smile:

Two different techonoliges. SQLContainer uses, well, SQL to query a database directly. JPA stands for
Java Persistance API
and uses entities more directly. JPA is an abstraction of the database. For example the frameworks EclipseLink and Hibernate provide JPA support.

Compare SQL SELECT * FROM Employee WHERE pay>3000;
with JPA CriteriaQuery cq = cb.createQuery(); Root e = cq.from(Employee.class); cq.where(cb.greaterThan(e.get("pay"), 3000)); Query query = em.createQuery(cq); List<Employee> result = query.getResultList();

JPA has also JPQL which is quite close to SQL, and it can also be queried directly with SQL.