Diferents chamaleon themes

I ve a blue chamaleon theme but i need that in differents layouts (that are inside a Tab) change to a different chamaleon color.

Is posible to do this? what is the best way?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately that’s not very easy to do, and I consider this use case unsupported. But I’m not saying it can’t be done…

What you’d need to do, is sandbox the CSS from another color scheme that intend to use inside the blue theme. That could be done by prefixing each and every selector that is found in the styles.css file for a given color scheme (e.g. chameleon-green/styles.css), with some additional class, such as
, and copy all of the selectors and properties back to the blue theme’s styles.css file.

Then you could use
to trigger the different color scheme inside the component container.