Did 7.5.1 break Layouts?

Updating from 7.5.0 to 7.5.1 causes weird sizing and scrolling issues.

For one thing, Valo menus now always shows a scroll bar. For another some CustomLayouts are now sized improperly and their contents are overflowing over other components.

To verify it’s a 7.5.1 issue I rebuilt the Quicktickets-dashboard demo application under 7.5.1 and sure enough I’m seeing the same behavior.

By examples on the book-site (
) following notice is shown: Notice - some examples are broken at the moment. Is it also the problem of 7.5.1? I have the same problem and wanted to check if the example simmilar to my application works fine - it does not. So I go back to 7.5.0 until Vaddin layouts get hopefully better in a new patch-release.

Please provide more information - code examples, screenshots, browser etc.

You can demonstrate the problem with ValoMenu by building the demo quicktickets application. Basically the layout of the menu always extends beyond the page which causes a scroll bar to appear on the navigation pane.

I’m also attaching 2 screenshots from our application showing how a CustomLayout (a wrapper aroound a VerticalLayout) is rendered differently between 7.5.0 and 7.5.1.


There was a small change in 7.5.1 to make handling of nested invalid layouts more consistent with non-nested invalid layouts (invalid layout == component with % size inside parent with undefined size).

This is what you can see in the quicktickets demo currently also, the code is wrong (part of the menu is a csslayout set to 100% height, which is too high → causes scrolbars). The fix for that is to fix the incorrect code in the demo. Previously the 100% height happened to be changed to undefined height, which is what it should have been set to in the code → no scrollbars.

I suspect you have something similar in your code, which has happened to work the way you have expected before.

Same issue here. “proveedor” field is full sized and the grid overflows at page bottom and “Guardar” buttom goes back of the grid.

What’s the component hierarchy for “provedoor” and how are its and its closest parents’ sizes configured?

Thank you Artur, I fixed it, there was a parent layout not fully sized. I had not read your first post.

Another thing that (probably) broke with 7.5.1:

If you put a Grid on a SplitPanel, in 7.5.1 the Grid will not be fully sized.
In 7.5.0 it works.

You can try this simple test case:

VerticalLayout vl = new VerticalLayout();
HorizontalSplitPanel hp = new HorizontalSplitPanel();
Grid g = new Grid();
Column c1 = g.addColumn(“1”);
g.addRow(“v1”, “v2”);

Please test 7.5.2 where one layout change was reverted, as it was causing all kinds of layout problems

7.5.2 does not fix the issue with the Grid on the SplitPanel.

If you resize the Window or move the splitter of the SplitPanel, the grid will be sized correctly.
But initially the sizing is wrong:

Yeah, that seems to be a different issue, you should create a ticket about it:

Possibly the same as https://dev.vaadin.com/ticket/18517, if the problem is only with Grid

This ticket sounds to be the same: