Detecting mobile long tap and double tap

I’m trying to make my current app work both on mobile and desktop devices, so I’m using Responsive.makeResponsive() in order to get a half-decently usable adaptable version for both types of devices at once. It’s going kind of well, but now I encountered the problem of how to reproduce double click and right-click menus on mobile.

After trying to unsuccessfuly find an implement an idea by myself, I decided to take a look at the (semidefunct) TouchKit extension. Unfortunately, after taking a look at the docs, it seems its whole purpose is to create software to run ONLY on mobile devices.

Am I right? Is there any way that I can use TouchKit to detect “double tap” on my current desktop app (an event that is only going to happen if using it from mobile)? Or any other suggestion/solution? …I already though of simply showing/hidding buttons that trigger the action that normally would be done by doubleclicking or so, but I’d like to use a more “mobile-friendly” approach…