DesktopNotifications for better notifications

I’ve been using GMail’s web interface as my primary email client for a good while now. The favicon number showing the amount of unread mail, alongside the desktop notifications popping up, letting me know that I just have received new mail, I haven’t needed anything else. Anyways, since Vaadin should be able to imitate apps like GMail equally good, if not even better, I thought Vaadin needed these desktop notifications too. So I coded them!

You can try them yourself at
. Make note that the example will make sense only in Google Chrome - any other browser isn’t supported.

Since the application asks you for permissions that are saved in your applications, you can change whatever you answer by going to the url

Download add-on from the directory:

Or fork the source on github:

This is a great add-on! Thank you very much!

Great add-on but there is no method to close notification after a delay or not…

Hi, in Vaadin 7 I can’t add the DesktopNotifier as a component, what is the new way? Thank you.

It is an extension nowadays, so you’ll want to use the protected “UI.addExtension()” method to attach it (see

But from what I remember, Chrome has modified the API on the desktop notifications, and I haven’t had the inspiration to modify the addon accordingly, so it probably won’t currently work anyways.

Not working on chromw 49.0.2623.110

Hi , is there a maven dependency that support vaadin 6 ?
or anything else in vaadin 6 that helps to achive the goal "notification should appear even the browser tab is minimized " ?