desktop vaadin

Hi, what are your thoughts on using vaadin touchkit for building vaadin “desktop” app which can run locally.
Our driver for this is because for our current vaadin app we need to build a new module which requires offline mode. Alternatively we would need to build an additional new java desktop app or even android app which would force our clients to buy additional HW (there are few hundreds of them)
Another alternative would be to install on clients laptops small Web server like Jety, but we also need CDI (curently we run on JBoss 8. Does anybody have experience with this and how would one manage few hundreds of these laptops.

From the functional point of view what we need is a way to manage large sets of code lists, and to interface the touchkit app with a local database (preferably through JPA). The app is based on few registers with coresponding forms to manage case proces and to output a document (PDF or Odt) This database would store the code lists and some other data.

Would this be possible, how would the touchkit interface behave on a non touch display, can we “tweek” it to work nice on ordinary laptops. What are the bandwith requirements.