Desktop application (Vaadin 6) + mobile application (TouchKit)


Here is my wish :
We actualy have a desktop application running Vaadin 6 (we have not planned to upgrade to Vaadin 7 yet) and we would like to create a mobile version of the application that would use a lot of our business logic but with completly different views than the desktop version. So my question is :​
Is it possible to have the two running together (Vaadin 6 and the last version of TouchKit) in the same WebApplication “project”? Or do I have to create a seperated application for the mobile version with TouchKit (and in this case, how is it possible to share some business logic between the two)?

If an other solution is possible, please don’t be shy and suggest it!

I’ve never used Vaadin 7 and TouchKit so it is pretty hard for me to get the best way to solve my problem.

Thank you for your answers!

Yes, completely possible. You can take a look at the sources of the MobileMail demo app here:

Thanks for your answer but MobileMail app is a full “TouchKit” application. My wish is to keep the desktop application as a full “Vaadin 6” application and a mobile application as a “TouchKit” application.
I’m not sure to be clear so if you need more explanations, just ask :slight_smile:

I linked to MobileMail because it is two applications in one; a mobile app and a backup application in case mobile features aren’t supported. You can create the project in many ways; For instance, map your desktop app to /* and mobile version to /mobile. In the startup of the desktop app, check the browser for necessary parameters (is touch supported, resolutions, etc.), and redirect to the mobile version if needed.

MobileMail has its defaults the other way around; if TouchKit isn’t supported, it falls back to a non-touch application. Take a look at the web.xml to see how it is configured.

Oh I didn’t see it! Thank you very much!

I’m going to have a look at it.

Thanks for your help :wink:

Hi All I need touchkit for my current project which is based on Vaadin6 kindly provide link to download Vaadin TouchKit 2.x version


I have one web application with both desktop version and touchkit. Depending on the browser request, it will serve desktop or touch project. It is ok.

Now my requirement is if i’m a mobile user i’ll be served with touchkit. But i’m inconvenient with the touchkit app so i want to switch to the desktop app on my mobile.

If i’m switching from touchkit app to desktop app the problem is with the THEME. I’m getting the desktop app with touchkit theme.

My problem is why the desktop theme is not getting applied when it is a desktop UI?

Hope i explained my point. Let me know if i’m not clear.