Designer, Vaadin 7 save failed because eclipse stubutility

In preparation to start using Designer for my Vaadin 7 to Flow conversion, I decided to add a field to a current design and see how it worked. When I tried to save the changes, I got this error:

Save Failed

This is the first time I have used Designer for real in Eclipse. Does this indicate a normal setup or usage issue I should be aware of? Probably because save failed, the corresponding companion class ( ) did not add the new field.

Now, this is easy to get around:

  1. Open in HTML editor
  2. Add new field there using declarative code from change that did not save above. So basically, copy and paste it manually
  3. Add new field to companion class
  4. Rest is normal

This is a known issue, please follow for more detail.

Thanks. So, in conclusion, have to use older version of Eclipse, or use my more manual work around.