designer - online? Intellij?


There used to be a online version of the visualdesigner - dont know how well it worked at all but now that I wanted to give it a try its gone all together it seams

I found that there is a plugin for Intellij and installed it - to me it seams to do nothing at all. Under “new” I can select “vaadin custom component” that basicly creates a file for me with a few lines of code and then I have “vaadin widget” but also not really what Im looking for - im looking for the designer :slight_smile:

is the online version gone for ever? how does this intellij plugin work - is it not supposed to give me a designer somewhere?


The demo at was only that, a demo. You couldn’t use it for anything else than trying out the latest features with the visual designer. Don’t know why it has been taken down though.

I think the only plugin that currently features the Visual Designer is the offical Vaadin eclipse plugin.

The version 1.4 of the Vaadin plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA didn’t support the visual designer but I believe version 1.5 was supposed to add at least limited support for that.

The plug-in is maintained by Dmitry Zhuravlev (not working for Vaadin Ltd), and its issue tracker is at

Note that the Visual Designer in that plug-in does not seem to be fully Vaadin 7 compatible yet (a bit behind the Eclipse plug-in, which isn’t perfect yet, either), and there are some Visual Designer related issues in its issue tracker.