Designer-created inter-view communication

(tricky subject so I’ll elaborate)

I’m playing around with the Vaadin Designer and have created a MainView that extends MainDesign, implements View. On that view I have an accordion with Tab1 and Tab2. Tab1 content is FooView extends FooDesign, implements View and Tab2 is BarView extends BarDesign, implements View.

The problem is that I have Grids in both tabs and a column in the grid with a button that is supposed to move the selected row to the other grid. So essentially what I’m asking that since the view is Designer-generated and wired and the Views (where I have the button click listener) should be aware of each other (or be able to cross-call eachothers grid-container), how should this be wired up?

If both grids would be in the same view, it would be no problem. Or if I would generate the view manually, I could pass in the containers to the view-constructors. I would hate to do some getParent().getParent() etc. up from the grid to the accordion and down the other tab.

Thanks in advance,