Description required for the methods in

Can anyone please provide me the description of the methods of mentioned below.

  1. public void addText(String str) throws PaintException.

2.public boolean isTrackPaints().

  1. public AjaxPaintTarget(AjaxVariableMap variableMap, AjaxApplicationManager manager,
    OutputStream output).

These methods are more of Toolkit internals, I doubt you need these but if you do please describe your actual problem better so we can help you out.

Below is a copy from other response about the state of our documentation:

I assume you have checked the state of our javadocs, and noticed that some methods are missing proper descriptions.

Coming release of version 4.0.1 has many updates for javadocs, be sure to check that release out. We are heavily pushing our documentation ahead but it takes time few months until we complete our documentation. Sure we will do our best to publish more documentation iteratively every month.