Deploying Vaadin Wb App from BetBenas 8.0.2

i have read the following but i don’t see how this helps with a step by step approach to deployment?

I am looking for a step by step approach:

Expected results.

I am trying to deploy a web app that uses Hibernate to access a MSSql DB.


Hi Faras!

[There is a section]
( in that article that explains how to deploy a Vaadin application step by step.

What is the problem that you’re facing?

Can you give us more information?


Thanks but I am Building the .war file in Netbeans then copying the file to a new folder called WarFiles.
Then I use Tomcat 9 deployment manager. The deployment occurs fine.
I then start the webApp and all is good except when I ask localhost:8012/<mywar.war>
the URL is except when I ask localhost:8012/<mywar.war>
the problem starts when I try to loging and then I get a 'ExceptionInIntializer" error.

This error only occurs when I execute the jatr from the Tomcat 9 web server??

any idea why Tomcat would cause this error ?


Can you paste the complete stacktrace of the problem?