Deploying on Tomcat 6 Developed on Tomcat 7

Just tried to deploy my application, which I developed on Tomcat 7 under Windows, on my Linux box running Tomcat 6. I can not seem to get access to it, everything I try gives me a 404 error. I have check the Tomcat logs and do not see any error message in them. I suspect that it has to do with the way a Tomcat 7 servlet application work verses a Tomcat 6 servlet application, specifically in the structure of the web.xml and notation in the start up class of the application. But there could also be other things in play that I am not aware of. Below is how the two machines are configured.

Windows 8 development box; Tomcat 7 with SSL turned off. This is specifically the Tomcat 7 deployed with XAMPP. Java 1.7 is installed on this box, but Eclipse is configured to comply with Java 1.6.

Linux Fedora: Tomcat 6 running under Apache with SSL turned on. Java 1.6 is installed on this machine.

Upgrading the Linux box to Tomcat 7 should not be a problem, but I would prefer to downgrade my project to Tomcat 6, at least in how it builds the project and configures the .war file.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank you

I figured this out. You have to make the right choices when you create the project. Once I recreated my project making sure I did not use Servlet 3.0, I was able to get it to work.