Deploy Vaadin application and HTML startpage on different servers

First of all Iwould to thank the Vaadin team for their great job. I was looking for a long time for a web application framework suitable for Java developrs and avoiding ugly HTML scripting. Finally, I discovered Vaadin. Thanks!

So far, I could solve all my problems searching this forum, but i did not succeed in finding an answer to the follwoing


My colleague is developing a website using wordpress. And its my job to include a Vaadin application into this website. Now, the problem is not really related to WordPress, but to publishing an HTML Page in one environment, call it Environment-One, and the Vaadin application in another environment, call it Environment-Two.

So far, i tried to check this scenario on my computer: Environment-One is an Apache Xampp, Environment-Two is an independently running Tomcat. I took the intial HTML-Page produced by the vaadin servlet as template for my HTML page. Every thing is perfect, when I deploy this HTML page to Environment-Two, together with the Vaadon application.

But when I try deploy the HTML page to Environment-One, running Xampp, the widgetsets cannot be found.
I already tried the following: First, I copied the widgetset to Environment-One. This did not work, so I changed the src-attributes calling Vaadin resources (Java Script, stylesheets, etc.) to the URL pointing to Environment-Two. this did not work either.

No my questions are:
Is it possible to run Vaadin applications in the described scenario?
What do I have to deploy to Environment-One?
How should my initial HTML page look like, so that widgetsets are found, and the Vaadin application in Environment-Two will be contacted?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I am not sure if I understand You problem correctly but isn’t it problem with
Same Origin Policy

Thanks for the quick answer.

Does the “Same Origin Policy” for Java Script state, that a Java Script function must not call a Servlet from another host? Than this policy answers my question completely - saying that it is not possible to deploy the startpage containing Java Script and the Vaadin application on different server hosts.

All of a sudden, there have been a lot of threads about this topic.

See e.g.
this thread
for a (still experimental) add-on for cross-site embedding of Vaadin applications.