deploy and import dependencies

Using intellij as dev environment.

created 2 component each in it’s own project
(These components are form fragments)

Then created a new “Business App starter” project.

How do i deploy the 2 components so that i can add them as dependencies in the “Business App starter” project

If all projects are Maven projects, and they are all on the same computer, you can simply run mvn install to “deploy” them to your local repository. This is usually located in .m2/repository in your home folder.

After running mvn install in the component projects, copy the groupId, artifactId, and version from each project, and add them as a dependency in your main project.

As long as they have versions ending with -SNAPSHOT, when you make changes to them Maven will update them in your main project without you having to change the version number.

If you want to deploy them to a remote repository, e.g. available for everyone or on your own private server, take a lookt at Maven’s [Introduction to Repositories]