Dependecies between Comboboxes


I use version 7.5.9 of Vaadin and I have encountered a pretty peculiar thing with comboboxes.
(Right now I have them in a Grid and I edit them with the inline editor but that shouldn’t matter.)

What I have is a dependency between two comboboxes. So in the first one I got some values and what I am able to choose in the second one is dependent by what I choose in the first one.
This works well until I choose something in the second and then decide to change the first one. I have added validation in the second combobox to show if the selection is not valid after I have changed the value in the first combobox.

What happens is I get the validation error and I want to change the value of the second one and I see that I got no valid value there so I choose the “null” value (which is allowed). And when I do that, there is no ValueChangeEvent fired by the combobox so my logic for the change is not executed.

I have a workaround (I set the value to null when it is validated badly and tell the user to make a new choice), but i thought it would be good to tell you this.