Deleted widgetset no can't recompile


I recently starting having the NullPointer problem when recompiling my widgest set. As I coudln’t get any further with
that issue
I tried deleting all the widgetset files and folders (deleted all my custom widgets, all the components that call them and then removed the widgetset directory from the WebContent folder). Unfortunately now when I try and access my application I get an error from the browser saying:

Failed to load the widgetset: /dyteqta/VAADIN/widgetsets/com.dyteqta.control.DyteqtaControlApplicationWidgetset/com.dyteqta.control.DyteqtaControlApplicationWidgetset.nocache.js?1285241869681

If I no longer have any widgetset files why is vaadin trying to locate them, and how do I tell it to stop?

it’s the web.xml -file that tells the application which widgetset should be in use. Have you cleaned that one up too? If not, remove the part that looks like this:

  Application widgetset</description>

it will revert back to the default Vaadin widgetset if it doesn’t find that parameter in the file.

Excellent thanks.