Declarative UI and variable binding

This is my first post on the forum and I would like to present myself. My name is Mario Latronico and I’m using Vaadin for the first time to develop an online application for car rentals.

I tried to use the declarative ui to shrink the java code but I got the "Found unbound fields from component root [carTable]

My declarative ui is the following :

  <v-grid-layout size-full="true" spacing="true" >
                <v-table id="carTable" width="95%" height="30%"  />

and the relative code in Java is in the internal class CarLayoutDesign :

protected static class CarLayoutDesign extends GridLayout
Table carTable;
public CarLayoutDesign()


[/code]This class is used inside its enclosing class to read the layout :

InputStream is = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("vaadin/carlayout.xml");
DesignContext read =, design);

I tried also to investigate on the Vaadin source code (, and DesignContext) and it appears that the carTable variable is put on the map unboundFields.

I’d guess that your is missing the element inside the . Hence, the parser loses the carTable element, which is out-of-place inside the , and complains about it missing.

Thank you Marko, I’m not at work now, tomorrow I will try your suggestion.

Yes I added the tag and now it is working properly.
Thanl you again.